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CiAfrica Connect creates resourceful innovative marketplace designed to encourage, motivate and support the growth of Africa SMEs and her strategic partners. Connecting global buyers and suppliers, CiAfrica Connect acknowledges and understands the importance of African business collaboration and retaining vital resources within “African Economy” for our forthcoming generations.

CiAfrica Connect considers “Trust and Reliability” to be crucial to business relationships and online sourcing. In order to address it, Certificate of Authentication (COA) is issued to suppliers after analysing supplier’s organisation process on customer service, product development and effective distribution.

We work with local authorities, registries, professional governed bodies and our local strategic partners to scrutinize suppliers with COA logo. COA is designed for buyer's peace of mind when sourcing quality products or services from wide range of reliable and trustworthy suppliers on our platform.

Our role focuses primarily on Africa SMEs continuous development through various workshops and training programs. CiAfrica Connect explores opportunities to connect our clients with potential business partners around the globe. We identify new emerging markets and opportunities through our various industry researches, local journalists, academics, and industry news on the ground in Africa working around the clock to break news, analyse, spot risks and identify opportunities.

In mature markets, we develop differentiation strategy to add value to our clients. We promote and encourage bilateral trade between African economy and rest of the world in order to leverage African strategic position, substantial market size, collective financial positioning, logistics, business services, and trade. We endeavour to connect and improve African SMEs sales growth and profitability.

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