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Commerce and Industry Africa (CiAfrica) is established to promote and support Africa's small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) growth and sustainability, and showcase Africa and its strategic partners products and services on a global platform. We aim to empower Africa SMEs continuous development through our online and offline workshop programs, trainings and seminars, designed to address various facets of business process. CiAfrica online of offline workshops and training programs are hosted by world-class trainers, mentor and professionals in their respective specialisation and industry, sharing their trial and proven business process method and experience.

Our determination is to be the best marketplace for African businesses and its strategic partners, heightens our commitment to research, learning and developing innovative technologies, skills and concept to expand new frontiers of African SMEs. CiAfrica endeavours to continually support and aid Africa economy growth, through our initiatives and incentive programs for African SMEs, to network and build partnership based on trust, transparency and mutual growth benefits.

We explore opportunities to connect our members with potential business partners, locally and around the globe We may not have solution to every enquiry, but we do know where to refer you for a solution.

Imagine the posibilities of

collective African economy growth


CiAfrica is not to be mistaken only for buying and selling platform for African SMEs and Its strategic partners product and services. CiAfrica main objective is to support African SMEs and its strategic partners with knowledge base on various facets of business process, including the following categories: 

- Quality Customer Service 
- New Product Development
- Effective Distribution Channels 
- Infrastructure Facilitator 
- Maintaining Shareholder Value

By Martin Adewale Fareo,

Founder/CEO , CiAfrica, Australia HQ

Interesting Fact

Africa is the second most populated continent with over a billion people representing about 16% of the world's population. Africa has been the second fastest growing region in the world in the last past 10 years, with an average annual growth of 5.1 per cent over the past decade, driven by greater political stability and economic reforms that have unleased the private sector in many African countries.

The new consumer class has taken its place in Africa since 2000, with 31 million African households joining the world's consumer class, representing a huge under-supplied and under-represented market. The revolution of internet and electronic has creates great opportunity for African SMEs to network and build partnership based on trust, transparency and mutual growth benefits, subsequently reflects positively to world African economy growth

CiAfrica Award of Excellence

CiAfrica endeavour to continually recognise and acknowledge African SMEs and its strategic partners relentless contribution to Africa economy growth. CiAfrica understanding that these categories of outstanding achievers, find their functions within organisation and the community significant and giving all their best solving challenges to various problems. CiAfrica Outstanding Award categories nominees are awarded to respective professionals, businesses, corporation, non-for-profit organisation and government bodies are intrinsically motivated by desire to improve and contribute to the community

CiAfrica award categories includes Major Award Category and Industry Award Category, both categories consist of twelve sub-category as listed below

Major Award of Excellence Category
  • Outstanding Innovation and Technology Award
  • Outstanding Social Responsibilities Engagement Award
  • Outstanding Executive Director Award
  • Outstanding Customer Focus Award
  • Outstanding Professional Achievement Award
  • Outstanding African SME of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Non-For-Profit Organisation Award
  • Outstanding African SMEs Strategic Partner of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Investment and Trade in Africa Award
  • Outstanding African Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Employee of the Year Award
  • Outstanding African Business Woman of the Year (Mama Africa Award)
Industry Award of Excellence Category
  • Outstanding Media Award
  • Outstanding Retailer Award
  • Outstanding Transport and Logistic Award
  • Outstanding IT and Telecommunication Award
  • Outstanding Health and Pharmaceutical Award
  • Outstanding Building and Construction Award
  • Outstanding Manufacturing Award
  • Outstanding Energy and Resources Award
  • Outstanding Hospitality and Tourism Award
  • Outstanding Financial Services Award
  • Outstanding Professional Services Award
  • Outstanding Education Services Award

Emerging Market Reports

Emerging Market Reports

CiAfrica Emerging Market information services creates opportunity for our members to gain insight knowledge into African Market. CiAfrica research team gathered reports, journals, industry publications and researches from local journalist, academics, local news and CiAfrica market research. Presenting our members latest updates analysis, identify risk and opportunities, with a guide to market concerns and prospects presented in a concise manner and reference link to further read

CiAfrica aims to develop opportunities for economic diversification and growth of Africa economy, that will reinforce Africa from any looming commodity disturbances and enhance African SMEs and its strategic partners resilience in a competitive market

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Why CiAfrica

CiAfrica demonstrates its commitment and engagement with the African SMEs and the community, addressing the imperative challenges to global African SMEs, largely due to lack of collaboration and patriotism among the African countries and its communities at large. It is a fact that Africa is the second most populated continent, with over a billion people representing 16% of the world's population, the moment has come for the African SMEs to recognise the advantage of attaining world black economy growth and collective bargaining.

CiAfrica thereby create platform that will aid and support collaboration among Africa SMEs, we provide knowledgebase business support for members, subsequently enhancing members business growth opportunities, while building their resilient in the effect of business uncertainty.

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